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Team Items

The team has all chipped in to purchase specific field equipment that they all can use. The current team items follow:

Team Benefits

Every 4 levels the team gains a new benefit. The current benefits, and their requirements follow:

  • Group Trance (members need to have one point in Concentration, and an elf needs to lead the members in the trance)
  • Infiltration (members need to have 1 rank in Hide or Move Silently, leader needs 8 ranks in both)

Military Points

MPs (Military points) are the raw reward which then gets split evenly or unevenly into RA (Rank points), and/or DE (Decoration points (also referred to in the past as RE for Recognition points). Those two pools are then used to “buy” new ranks or medals recommended by the CO (commanding officer). You can buck for promotion or citation by splitting unevenly. The favored pool gets 75% of the new points, rounded up. and the other pool gets 0%. If you are ever rounding an uneven MP total evenly between them, you do not round up or down. Instead one pool gets the extra point, your choice.

Main Page

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