House Rules

Action Points

Each character gets 1 AP per game session to spend. This point can be spent for different effects:

  1. Add to die roll:
    • CL 1-7 +1d6
    • CL 9-14 +2d6 (only use the highest roll, discard other)
    • CL 15+ +3d6 (only use the highest roll, discard others)
  2. Gain another use of class ability
  3. Boost Fighting Defensively (+4 AC instead of +2)
  4. Emulate a Feat (must meet prereqs)
  5. Extra attack during Full Attack (at highest bonus)
  6. Increase caster level by 2 (before casting)
  7. Recall a spell just cast (same round that the spell was cast)
  8. Stabilize automatically
  9. Increase a feat – examples are given in Unearthed Arcana (Dodge bonus +2 AC, as example)

Two-Weapon Fighting

The ability to attack with two weapons using the Two-Weapon Fighting feat is considered a standard action. All other full-attacks remain unchanged.

Agile weapon enhancement

Cost: +1 enhancement

A wielder with Weapon Finesse can choose to add Dex modifier to damage instead of Str modifier. Can only be used on melee weapons that are usable with Weapon Finesse.


Damage that reduces a PC below zero is negated. Instead, the PC is brought to 0 and takes -1hp for every 10 damage dealt. A DM may make exceptions in cases of extremely large amounts of damage or unusual circumstances.

Additionally, characters with positive Constitution modifiers gain +5% to stability and recovery checks per CON modifier point.

Star System

At the end of each session the player’s will vote for a “star player”. These stars can be turned in for [TBD].

Monk Changes

Pathfinder Monk class will be used instead of the D&D class.

Alternate Action Point Usage

An action point can be spent to lower an enemy’s d20 roll by 1d6.


0-level spells have unlimited uses. If you prepare spells, you can cast any 0-level spell you have prepared any number of times per day. If you do not prepare, you can cast any known 0-level spell any number of times per day. No spell slots are used.

Bracers of the Sniper

Donning these dark leather bracers grant the wearer proficiency with any crossbow (not bow). If he already has proficiency with the crossbow, then he gains a +2 circumstance bonus to attack and damage rolls with it. The range incriment of the weapon is increased as the farshot feat, but does not stack with it. If he already has the farshot feat, then he gains a cumulative +1 to the first shot taken for each round spent aiming at his target without losing sight of it. This +1 can be applied to the attack roll or the damage roll, but not both. Hit or miss, this ability can not be used against the same target in the same encounter. Cost 30,000 gp.

Pathfinder Skills

We will be using the Pathfinder skill system.

Master Grappler [Combat, Fighter, General]

You are able to grapple and fight additional opponents without distraction.
Prerequisites: Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, BAB +6, Dex 13.
Effect: While grappling with this feat, you continue to threaten squares adjacent to you and you retain your Dexterity bonus to AC against attackers not grappling you.

Further more, with a successful grapple check, you may position the target of your grapple in any square that you threaten. This would replace one of your attacks and does not count as your movement for the turn. If this should place them somewhere dangerous, like at the edge of a cliff or a wall of fire, they receive a free grapple check to escape with a +4 bonus. When grappling multiple opponents, you must beat the best roll amongst them with an additional +2 bonus for each opponent past the first. Assume they are aiding another, helping the person with the highest grapple check. Treat this like casting a spell against creatures with varying spell resistances. I, the attacker, rolls once while my opponents each roll once. My roll must beat all of theirs. If someone beats mine, they and they alone escape from the grapple.

Slotted Items

Slotted items are crafted with a number of open slots which can be filled with enhancement crystals. These crystals range from level 1 to level 5 crystals, and no item can have a greater enhancement than the number of slots. The enhancement bonus of the item determines the number of slots it has. The calculation for cost of the items follows.

  • Weapons: bonus^2 × 3000
  • Armor: bons^2 × 1000
  • Crystals: bonus^2 × 5000

House Rules

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