• Feraas Hlae-raheal

    Feraas Hlae-raheal

    Cleric archer of Ehlonna
  • Gabriel Lorechester

    Gabriel Lorechester

    Son of a council member on the Sasserine Dawn Council, Gabe is a born leader and diplomat, but being from the Champions District in Sasserine, he is also a fan of combat.
  • Korris


    Korris - cleric/combat medic
  • Montgomery DeCarobas

    Montgomery DeCarobas

    Powerful Master Specialist Transmuter with the ego of a child,...a god-like child, but still a child.
  • Namder


    Gnome Shadowcraft Mage: Namder takes illusions, filters them through the shadow realms and creates real effects through his own imagination... which is a scary thought.