Sasserine Marine Corps

SMC Level 3

DM: Mike

Several weeks have passed since the death of True Starcod. The battle of Westkeep has been going well, the army has made much progress, but there are still small pockets of resistance that need to be weeded out. The main concern among the war camp is the lack of supplies. Sasserine has been sending supply ships North, though few, if any, arrive with supplies. There have been many rumors circulating around the camp, but the surviving ships confirm that the ships responsible for attacking the supply chain flies black sails and standards, not the standard of the Sea Princes. Commander Bray of the Red Shields sends the Champions South to Port Toli where they meet up with Captain Regland, and once again work under the Sasserine military.

Arriving at Port Toli, the Champions fight their way through underground sewers to arrive at the docks of the city. Sasserine has secured the docks, but the rest of the city is well defended by the Sea Princes and their allies. After helping to suppress an attack, the Champions meet with the harbormaster, Ansen, and are provided with several supply ships that have been refitted. The flagship of this new fleet is a Corvette.

After waiting for repairs to finish, the Champions set out with their new fleet, patrolling the Jeklea Bay. They find several ships fitting the description and are attacked, returning fire, they manage to stop the pirates, which turn out to be a band of gnolls.. During one encounter, they manage to capture the enemy’s flagship and tow it back to Sasserine, along with several survivors. Sasserine interrogates the pirates and learns the location of their hidden base, an island just outside the Bay.

The Champions decide to assault the base, while the forces at Port Toli begin to make their push into the city. The team makes their way to the island, which turns out to be more deadly than they thought. They face undead and more gnolls, but eventually are victorious. A warning from the enemy leader has them worried though, and they make all haste to Port Toli to see the docks well defended by Sasserine.


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