Sasserine Marine Corps

SMC Level 2

DM: Jon

The Champions squad is assigned as representatives of Sasserine to the mercenary unit known as the Red Shields. A small group from the squad is sent to investigate an asset who is working on a secret weapon for the war. Upon arrival, the group is trained and uses these new war machine mechs to defeat an orc encampment near the asset’s workshop.

After securing the mechs, the group returns to the Red Shields and their encampment. Once again, they are assigned a task, which is a nearly suicidal mission. The initial teleportation to the battlefield kills one poor member of the squad. The squad is setup to invade and subdue a city belonging to the Sea Princes. Eventually the squad manages to fight their way through the city, but only with the sacrifice of True Starcod do they manage to secure the city.


evillmonkey evillmonkey

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